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I’m sure you have seen this tag on all of my posts. It may seem as a simple statement but in reality its so much more.

I created #SmileInOut because I am an orthodontist and a life coach. As an orthodontist, I focus on creating smiles on the outside. As a life coach, I focus on creating smiles on the inside. (more…)

How Your Teenager Can Overcome Anxiety?

How Your Teenager Can Overcome Anxiety?

Anxiety is one of the most common issues that teenagers face today.

Often times, teenagers can still find ways to perform well in high school although they suffer from anxiety. Unfortunately, this is not the case in college. So parents, you are right to be concerned. In my experience as life coach, it often takes between six to eight coaching sessions to help a teen overcome severe anxiety. (more…)

Circle Game Part 2: Flight or Flight vs Stay and Communicate

Flight or Flight Vs Stay and Communicate

What is an ego? Why do we even have an ego? Your ego is your protector. It protects you from any threat you may encounter. It’s in control of your fight or flight response. If there is a threat, then your ego will take over and you either run or fight. So, it’s clear you need your ego. Lucky for you, you don’t face threats all day. The people around love and care about you. You feel safe. Even though your day may full of laughter and fun, your ego probably isn’t having fun. In fact, your ego is bored. It wants to protect you but what good is a protector if there is nothing to protect you from? (more…)

Do You Play the Circle Game in Your Relationships?

Do You Play the Circle Game in Your Relationships

Do You Play the Circle Game in Your Relationships?

If so, STOP!

We get the biggest satisfaction but also the biggest aggravation from relationships. Whether it’s with our friends, parents or siblings, relationships have one of the biggest impacts on daily happiness. When our relationships are healthy and fun we are happy. When they are contentious we are unhappy. It’s just that simple. (more…)

How to Recharge Your Battery

How to recharge your battery

It’s easy to charge your phone these days because there are places to charge it everywhere. In some places you don’t even need to bring your charger with you. Even cars can easily be plugged into any outlet around your house!

What about when your mental battery is running low? Where’s the charging station for that? If you have any desire, goal, or dream that takes a significant amount of time to achieve, then you may have experienced a phase in life where you lost some or all of your motivation. This is perfectly normal. The good news is there are ways to recharge your battery. (more…)

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How to Determine the Difference Between Complaining vs Venting

Do you know the difference between venting and complaining? Complaining can negatively impact relationships. Venting however, can be healthy for your relationships. In this blog, I will break down the key differences and show you how to do more venting and less complaining.

It’s a fine line between venting and complaining. On the receiving end, they can look similar because venting and complaining share some of the same emotions, frustration, anger and even sadness. Being a chronic complainer can literally ruin your relationships and even prevent you from making meaningful relationships in the future. Venting is much healthier for relationships because it allows you to return back to your wonderful self. After complaining you’re still upset, but after venting you feel a sense of peace that allows you to move own and continue being awesome! Venting is a path towards healing while complaining is a path towards conflict. (more…)

Broken Relationship with a Parent: Peanut Butter Without the Jelly

Broken Relationship with a Parent: Peanut Butter Without the Jelly

High school can be an exciting and rewarding experience. During this time, parents tend to take a back seat to your friends. It is often not intentional. It is just a natural process of becoming young adults. However, through this process, it is important not to neglect the relationships with your parents (or guardian). Sure, you can have amazing relationships with your friends. You can be making straight A’s. You can be crushing it in sports. No matter how much success you experience, your level of overall happiness will be limited if you neglect the relationship with your parents. It’s like peanut butter without jelly. (more…)

The Pursuit of Goals & Happiness

Austin Life Coach - RPM Pursuit of Happiness

Have you ever been told that you should enjoy the process of pursuing your goal, but for you the process is rarely ever fun? I will share a simple way on how to maintain happiness while you are pursuing your goals.

How Do You Experience Happiness While Pursing Your Goal?

I want you to think about the RPM on a motorcycle. The RPMS are used as a measure of how fast the bike is going. Some of the numbers are in red. The red numbers are the engine’s maximum speed. Can you ride in the red? Of course you can, but it’s not advisable to ride in the red for long periods of time. (more…)

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Do you allow disappointment to be disappointing?

We have all experienced disappointment.

Sometimes life just doesn’t work out the way we want and immediately we experience the emotion, disappointment. It can feel as though we have been punched in the stomach. Thankfully, disappointment is an emotion. Which means that it can leave just as fast as it came. Emotions are messengers. They are designed to give you a message then LEAVE. (more…)

How to Get Parents to Say Yes

Are you tired of hearing the word ‘no’ from your parents?

Is there a way to hack into their system of no’s and crack the code to all of the yeses?

I can crack the code for you.

Imagine if you could hear the word ‘yes’ when asking for permission to hang out with your friends or yes to more time playing video games or to staying up late. (more…)